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Hetalia E zones
Ok. Soooo i have a list of E-zones and i wanna debate your oppions.
◘ Italy
◘ Romano
◘ Seborga
◘ America
◘ Canada
◘ Korea
◘ Taiwan
◘ Austria
◘ Norway
Debateable ones:
• Austria (mole)
• Greece
• Turkey
• Rome
• England (eye brows)
• Sealand (eyebrows)
• Australia (eyebrows)
• Hong kong (eyebrows)
• France (beard)
• Russia (bare neck)
• Germany (behind ears)
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L x Reader- Don't Be Shy
You sighed as Light finished ranting to Misa about something you weren't paying attention to. You sat on the other side of L, looking at the computer screens as well. You felt your eyes droop a bit. You were getting sleepy. So of course you stood from your seat, acknowledged by L's glancing in your direction before you spoke.
"I'm tired. I'm going to bed," you yawned a bit and began making your way past Misa and towards the elevator doors. Misa followed after you, waving at Light.
"I better go too! Tomorrow's shoot is bright and early so I'd better get some sleep~" she giggled as you made it to the elevator.
Before she let the doors close she teased, "Hey Light~ Want to come sleep with me tonight?"
You saw Light's embarrassed expression for a moment as he fumbled, "W-What are you talking about?"
Misa laughed, "Just kidding~! You're saving it until after we catch Kira, right? You don't have to be shy about it."
"Yes, Light, there's no need to be shy," you heard L mumble, taunting Light
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The drakes are in! by ArtByStarlaMoore The drakes are in! :iconartbystarlamoore:ArtByStarlaMoore 24 0 The Line up by ArtByStarlaMoore The Line up :iconartbystarlamoore:ArtByStarlaMoore 44 3
FranceXReader Rose in a Bottle
"Oui, mademoiselle, I am ________'s cousin. I have somezing zat needs to get to her right away! It is her protein mixture."
You boyfriend, Francis Bonnefois, was trying to convince the office lady at your school to give you a thermos. And you weren't really his cousin; he just needed to seem like family because your school was a bit stingy towards who they trusted.  However, she wasn't budging. He had tried flattery, puppy dog eyes, and teary eyes.
Zis woman is made of stone!
"Honey," She turned to him with a frown, "I can't get that to her because it's in a bottle other than a water bottle." She waved one manicured hand, shooing him.
Francis snorted, and she glared out from her heavy makeup.
He looked at her. "I am sorry, I don't mean to laugh. It's just zat ze last time she forgot to take her protein, she went into alaphylactic shock and said some pretty funny things."
He almost hit himself in the face for that. You don't go into anaphylactic shock because of prote
:iconwhisperingwatermelon:WhisperingWatermelon 305 67
You sat there patiently, trying to mantain the straight face you had to use for the upcoming picture. Yes, finally! Today was the day you actually got your passport! Once it was completed, the hardest part came. Deciding where you wanted to go. It sounded a little dumb to you at first, but you saved up enough money to practically go anywhere, so you were already in a good position. After the woman took your photo, you gladly sat there quietly, restraining your face and smiling so your laugh lines were more visable now. It was the, you heard the swift buzzing of your celluar device, and scanned it without further ado.
You had multiple texts from countries, says that you should come visit their contry. Since you could only go once place, it made it all the more harder for you to decide. However, one place in particular seemed most interesting to you. That, or course, was Italy. It wasn't just the person that made you happy, it was everything about the country in itself. Food, people, cen
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NorwayXDrunk Reader we can fix that
 I finished another bottle of wine. Dumb ass. I threw the bottle on the floor. The bar tender Tim gave me an eye. 
 "You had a lot" he says
 "Shut the fuck up! Your just like him!" I yell
 Tim sighs. Tim and I are friends....when I'm sober. I was depressed again. Lukas doesn't understand. He doesn't care. I have no place in his heart...a piece that doesn't fit. when he notices it, he'll get rid of me. But I don't want that to be the ending...I'll get rid of him.
 "Another coarse light pleawe" I ask
"Fine...." Tim says sliding me a can
 I open it and chug. I notice someone took my phone. I look up and Tim had it....he was calling someone.
 "GIVE IT BACK" I yell lunging at him
 He puts his large hand on my forehead keeping me back. 
 "Hello, Lukas?....Yes this is Tim, your girlfriend (full name) is at my bar please pick her up" he says still my trying to claw him
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